Your Safety

SAFETY PLANThehealth and safety of our guests and employees is of utmost important to us.We have gone above and beyond the recommended safety guidelines thathave been outlined by WorksafeBC and the Public Health Order. Please be mindfulof our policies and ensure you are able to adhere to the expectations set outby our team before joining us. You may also reach our management team at: regarding any questions orconcerns regarding dining at Nicli Antica Pizzeria during Covid-19.We appreciate yourunderstanding and patience as we navigate the new normal.GuestExpectations·       Guests must followthe direction of our staff while on premises.·     
Contact informationfor one person per party will be taken for contact tracing.·       Should an outbreakoccur on site, we will contact you and ask that you contact us should youencounter COVID-19 after your visit here.·       Please do not visitour spaces if you or anyone in your group:1.    Has any of the following symptoms – fever, cough, runny nose, sorethroat or difficulty breathing2.    Have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days3.    Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-194.    Are currently awaiting test results of Covid-19StaffExpectations·       Our staff are selfmonitoring and will not come to work if they have developed any cold orflu-like symptoms.·       Staff who may notmaintain safe distancing will be in company issued, approved face masks duringservice. Gloves are optional and may be used, specifically when clearing tablesor taking payments.·       Our staff are beingoffered sick pay and increased medical benefits to ensure they can safely makethe right choice while self monitoring themselves for Covid-19 in regards toreturning to work.·       A Health &Safety Captain from each store is in constant communication with our team toensure they can feel safe to express their concerns, and to create best safetypractices based on their recommendation regarding Covid-19 and in general.·       Our team has beenempowered to refuse service to guests who appear to be sick, or who refuse tofollow our safety guidelines.IncreasedSanitization·       Tables, Chairs, andMenus will be sanitized between seatings.·       Debit/creditmachines sanitized after each use. Cash will not be accepted.·       An hourlysanitizing schedule is in place for all higher touch areas such as Bathrooms,Entry and Exitways, Coffee and Beer taps etc.Capacity·       Tables are 6FTapart from other diners in all directions. Tables may not be moved from theirplaces and clear markers are in place for our staff to ensure this.·       6 Guests may dinetogether per table. Guests may not visit with guests at other tables. No eventsare being held at Nicli for the time being.·       Reservations areencouraged and timing for all seatings is strictly set to ensure cleaningschedules can be maintained. Contact tracing forms are required for anyone whodoes not have a reservation.ServiceChanges·       Our servers willreduce their visits to each table and clearing of plates will be done in as fewvisits as possible. We encourage our guests to bring their plates to the edgeof the table so we can make our visits short and sweet.·       We will providecontainers for guests to box their own items for takeout if needed·       We are notaccepting cash and would prefer as few payments on each table as is possible.·       Table shared itemssuch as oils, sides and water bottles are being kept on tables and refilledonly with newly cleaned items.