August 22, 2021

Most popular italian foods

The Pure Pleasure Behind Pizza, Pasta, and All the Most Popular Italian Foods!

There is an Italian artist inside anyone with a good taste in food! Why Italian? Well, the answer is why not! The diversity of the Italian cuisine surpasses borders, races, time, and space; it sits deliciously on our heart and pleasures our deepest hungry needs. The secret ingredient to the most popular Italian dishes is not love, it is pure pleasure! It is the element of pleasure that combines freshness, simplicity, uniqueness, and quality, and then spices it up with colors to dance on La Pizzerias of the furthest lands from Rome or Milan! The mouth-watering list of these popular and famous recipes is a Manifesto of Nostalgia; first-stop: Pizza!

The eternal pleasure of a popular Italian food called pizza!

The pleasure with Pizza does not merely lie with it being a famous Italian dish; Pizza is an Italian culture! No cliches! You take a look at the food and you see a round, but sliced, red and orange combination thoughtfully splattered on the canvas of the bread, topped with a beauty called mozzarella! If that is not art, then what is? Speaking of art and culture, the confidence of such a phenomenon creation retraces to “keeping it simple!” There is a deep pleasure with everything simple and familiar and Pizza provides both of these qualities in its shape and taste. To get the most pleasure out of this unforgettable Italian plate, eat it like an Italian, and top it like an Italian! Overtopping means you are not confident with your pizza! That’s not a good gesture. 

The pleasure of All the Italian popular foods except lasagna!

For post popular Italian foods, there is a unity about the recipes, however when it comes to their superstar lasagna, it’s a whole ‘nother story. Lasagna is probably more like a hardcover book in which you find different stories from south to north of Italy. The flat, broad sheets of pasta cover different layers of mixed ingredients- including vegetables, sauces, Ragù, variety of cheeses, and bechamel- just like papers holding different words. The layers talk to you about love, color, and history of people who knew how to please their audience with food. The Italian prodigy is so popular that even Cartoon Characters like Garfield had to Salute the art and pleasure that is called Lasagna!

Pasta and the popular pleasure of “feeling” in a food!

Pasta is simple, pasta is cheesy, pasta is delicious, pasta is cozy! How many foods do you know that show their pleasure in their sensational feeling? Think about it; many of us do not want to chew the warm, fluffy combination of sauce and pasta, we want to keep it in our mouth, close our eyes, and travel to another time and place, to the hearts of PLEASURELAND. In fact, pasta is a very good example of the different levels of pleasure a food can give you. In that sense, it is even more sublime than music! Pasta gives you what an orchestra tries so hard to recreate, and that is transcendence! This time when you are looking at your truffle-topped plate of Piemonte, or you are setting the table with the meat-heavy ragù dishes of Emilia-Romagna, or you have just got ready to devour that creamy Fettuccine Alfredo, take a moment and smell the pasta, then take a bite and wait! The miracle happens and you will find yourself in the historical popular venues of Italy! Bon-appetit!

As popular and as pleasurable as the Italian Panna cotta!

It is almost a wonder how fancy and pleasurable Italians can get with the most famous but simple ingredients! The repertory of most popular Italian foods includes some astonishingly creative desserts, to name one Panna Cotta! It is in the astoundingly modest recipes, such as Panna Cotta, that we tend to believe in the magic of Italian art! Imagine you have treated yourself to a slap-up Italian dish and now you want to say farewell to the table with something sweet but light. Almost no one would accept a warmed milked with gelatin. Frankly, even the thought of it after a big meal might scare you away. Yet, Italians have managed to serve you with the pleasure of childhood taste. Grab a spoon and reminisce upon the sweet taste of your childhood memories.  It can be kept on the menu all year long with your preferred accompaniments such as caramel, berries, nuts, or custard! The pleasure lies in the milk! Serve yourself a Panna Cotta!

The pleasure of picking up an almost-cake, famous Italian Tiramisu!

One of Italy’s most popular, Tiramisu is an after-dinner indulgence blending the rich and dark flavors of cocoa and espresso with savory mascarpone cheese, layered with ladyfinger biscuits. In a sense, Lasagna and Tiramisu are non-identical twins! They both represent the same pleasure, look almost the same, but they are different! With Lasagna you are entering heaven, but the pleasure of tasting Tiramisu means you are already there! You may have heard about people not fully understanding whether this Italian beauty is a cake or not! We believe it is almost Better than Cake! So just listen to it and “pick it up!” (Tiramisu means “pick me up” in Italian!) 

After all, “everyone has different tastes. Some people love Italian food; some don't!” However, you have not lived if you have not learned to taste and get the pleasure behind Pizza, Pasta Ravioli, Pesto, Panna Cotta, and all the other members of the Grand Italian Cuisine!