September 6, 2021

Most Famous and Popular Foods in Vancouver

Must Try Popular Foods in Vancouver

The Most Famous and Popular Foods in Vancouver that You Can’t Miss Out

By Ainaz 

famous food in vancouver

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” - Bethenny Frankel

Everyone needs an ultimate list of the great white north’s popular dishes. Vancouver, without a doubt, is one of the top foodie cities in the world. It has been named one of the best food cities by professionals and many magazines. Since Vancouver is multicultural, a variety of different dishes are well-liked in this exquisite city. 

In this article I have gathered information about all the good food Vancouver has to offer. If you are living in British Columbia, you are just visiting, or you are just a foodie person, keep on reading to figure out what to eat in Vancouver and what is the greatest food North Vancouver.


1.    Seafood is One Popular Food in Vancouver

popular food in vancouver

Asian culture had a massive impact on the Canadian people’s taste and since Vancouver is a coastal province, seafood plays a big role in local people’s lives.


most popular food in vancouver

Vancouver is also known as the capital of sushi in North America. Vancouver has various types of sushi that are named after different cities for example B.C. Rolls which is British Columbia’s signature sushi.


best vancouver food

Aside from sushi, Salmon is a super famous food in Vancouver. In the surrounding area of Vancouver and the productive rivers, you can catch a kind of Salmon called king Salmon. You can have roasted salmon, salmon burgers, smoked salmon or salmon stakes in Vancouver. Don’t forget to try Salmon candy as well. Salmon candy is smoked salmon marinated with maple syrup.

West coast oysters

good food vancouver

They can be found in the deep Bay, British Columbia. Don’t miss out on West coast oysters since they are a true taste of the ocean and coast.

Fish and chips

food north vancouver

With the impact of British people on Vancouver’s taste, fish and chips has become more and more popular.

Dungeness Crab

best food north vancouver

They can be found fresh on the pacific coast. It is served in different ways with different spices.


Most popular and famous food in vancouver

In recent years with the increase in the Japanese residents of Vancouver, japadog has become a well-liked street food. It is basically Japanese ingredients on top of a classic hotdog.


2.    Pizza is a Famous Food in vancouver

Pizza is a Famous Food in vancouver

Pizza, with no debate, is famous all around the world. This cuisine is one of the most popular foods in Vancouver. There are various types of pizza and everyone can choose their favorite due to their taste, diet and preference.

Butter chicken pizza

Butter chicken pizza

the percentage of Indian people in B.C is super high so their impact on Vancouver’s food is noticeable. This type of pizza is one of the best Vancouver foods. Butter chicken has a mild sweet flavor. The secret to a good butter chicken sauce is gravy which gives it its rich taste.

Hawaiian pizza

Hawaiian pizza vancouver

This pizza has originated from Canada. Its ingredients are crispy bacon, cheese, marinara sauce and it is topped with pineapples.

 3.    Pasta is the Best Vancouver Food

Pasta is the Best Vancouver Food

Pasta is one of the most famous Italian cuisines of all time and Canada seems to enjoy it as well.


Spaghetti in vancouver

This pasta is very liked among children and even adults. It is available in most of the Italian restaurants of North Vancouver.

Angel hair pasta

Angel hair pasta vancouver

It also is known as “capellini” or “fine hair”. This type of pasta is long stranded and each strand is super thin. It is very popular in the great white north.


4.    Desserts are one of the Most Popular Foods in Vancouver

 Desserts Most Popular Foods in Vancouver

A wide range of desserts are consumed in Vancouver.


Donuts in vancouver

over 1 billion donuts are consumed in Canada yearly. One of the most liked desserts are donuts and Timbits which can be found with a very high quality in North Vancouver.


BeaverTails vancouver

It basically is a flattened donut.

Nanaimo Bar

Nanaimo Bar vancouver

This dessert does not need baking and it was named after a city in British Columbia. It has a coconut base and it includes a layer of wafer and a layer of nuts with a chocolate icing.

Butter tarts

Butter tarts in vancouver

This Canadian dessert is a little pastry with a luscious semi-solid syrup. Sometimes different kinds of nuts are added to the syrup as well.


5.  Is Poutine the Best Food in North Vancouver?

Poutine the Best Food in North Vancouver

Poutine’s origins go back to Quebec but it is undoubtedly one of the most delicious fast foods all over Canada and especially in Vancouver. It is a dish of fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. It is considered to be a main course or a side dish.


6.    TOURTIÈRE is Considered a Good Food in Vancouver

TOURTIÈRE is Considered a Good Food in Vancouver

Tourtière is a kind of meat pie and it originated from Quebec and it is French-Canadian. Its main ingredients are beef or pork, potatoes, game meat and lots of herbs and is a great holiday meal choice specially for new years and thanksgiving. 


7.  Maple Syrup is also another Popular Vancouver Food

Maple Syrup is also another Popular Vancouver Food

Maple syrup is probably the most famous product in Canada. Maple syrup is used in a variety of desserts all-round Canada such as waffles. It is also a great part of a Canadian breakfast and can be eaten with pancakes and crisp bacon.


Let’s wrap it up!

Popular Vancouver Food

Eating good foods is without a debate, one of the most joyful things in life. Now that you read this article you know all you needed about the best food Vancouver. Vancouver B.C has the best restaurants and foods so if you are in north Van don’t forget to get some of the most famous and popular foods. Enjoy!