September 6, 2021

Different Types of Deserts in The World

A Brief Guideline for Dessert Lovers

By Ainaz 

different types of deserts in the world

Getting a craving for sweet things is what we all have in common. As they say “You can't buy happiness, but you can buy dessert and that's kind of the same thing.” Each country and each nation has its own kind of dessert but most countries do eat sweet meals after their main course which often consists of a beverage and a pastry. For a true dessert lover all types of desserts are delicious so try new desserts after reading my article. This article was written for people with a sweet tooth like myself. Keep on reading to find about different types of desserts in the world and maybe later go and get some kind of a new dessert.


Types of desserts

There are various different types of desserts and the main 5 types of are:

1.    Cakes  → can have a variety of different icings, cupcakes, brownies, cheesecake
2.    Pastries  → croissant, pie, donut
3.    Frozen sweets → ice cream, shied ice, gelato
4.    Confections → candy, lollipop, taffy and chocolate
5. Dessert wines → sweet beverages such as Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise

These are the most famous and main types of desserts in the world that you should absolutely try.

The Top 5 Countries With the Best Desserts

all types of deserts

The top 5 countries with the best desserts are France, America, Italy, Turkey and Spain. It’s very rare that you have never had a French dessert since they are super popular all around the world.

France: being the number one country in Europe and maybe in the world brings us croissants and crème Brûlée.
different kinds of deserts
America: has the famous sweet apple pie and Chocolate chip cookies that all the kids and adults absolutely adore.
kinds of desert

Italy: this Mediterranean country and its rich history brings us tiramisu, gelato and panna cotta.
types of deserts in the world
Turkey: this Asian country has multiple eastern desserts such as Baklava and a Turkish kind of Rice Pudding.
different types of deserts


Spain: Last but not least is Spain with its luscious different types of tarts and its flan.
type of deserts


When you’re looking at a menu and you want to order a dessert after a lovely meal you must have wondered at some point what is the most popular and delicious dessert of all time and you wonder what you should order. Well here you can find the answer to all your questions about different kinds of desserts.

Top 9 Most Popular Desserts of All Time

Different Types of desert

1.    Chocolate cake

There are various types of chocolate cakes such as chocolate lava cake, chocolate mud cake, chocolate fudge cake, chocolate truffle cake, etc.

If you’re a big fan of chocolate the classic chocolate cake perhaps with a hot beverage like tea or cappuccino can be the perfect choice for you.

2.    Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chips are a nostalgic taste for most of us. We have all had this cookie with a glass of milk when we were kids but this dessert is beloved among adults, as well. If you’re feeling down just have a chocolate chip cookie and it will boost your energy immediately.

3.    Ice cream and gelato

From the frozen category ice cream and gelato are one of the most famous sweets all-round the world. If you are ever in Italy, or in an exquisite Italian restaurant, don’t forget to try its gelato in different flavors.

4.    Cheesecake

One of the most well-known desserts especially in America with a creamy custard and crispy base.

5.    Chocolate Fudge Sundae

One of the trending desserts in America. Give this trending dessert a try beside the other mentioned traditional desserts.

6.    Macaron

From the capital of desserts, France, this dessert has been super popular all over the world in the past few years. It’s also used for icing cakes and designing other desserts.

types of deserts in the world

7.    Tiramisu

The most famous of all the Italian desserts, this dessert is made with lady fingers dipped in coffee and a rich crust. If you love the taste of coffee this can be a very good choice for you.

8.    Trifle

This dessert is favored all over Europe and the United Kingdom. It consists of multiple layers of cake, creamy custard and fruits like strawberry.

  9.    Cupcakes

Well-liked for their cute and creative designs and their luscious taste, they are a good choice for themed parties.

desert in vancouver



To sum it up

Now you know traditional kinds of desserts of different countries and dessert capitals and you got to know the most well-liked dessert of all time all around the world. We hope you enjoyed this article and we bet you got a craving for a good dessert so don’t hesitate, grab your wallet and head out to the best dessert place you know and get a new type of dessert and enjoy!