August 29, 2021

Different Types of Cocktails

Different Types of Cocktails

Meet your Beloved Cocktails

By Mahya

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Know people by the types of cocktails they love and order. You can say a lot about a person by the spirit they hold in their hands! Different types of cocktails are made for different kinds of tastes and desires; and desires clarify how people think. Personally, I see the art of mixology- the art of knowing how to mix different flavors to get the best cocktail- very much like perfumery. Both of them somehow sit on the bases of astrology. As a Sagittarius, a Ginger Margarita Squares is a nod to my love of freedom and travel. The very Asian flavor also corresponds to my odor preferences, like the spicy aromas. Enough about me, let's read about some essentials of all types of cocktails to actually know people better.

All Those Classical Types of Cocktails 

different types of cocktails

All types of cocktails bow to the classics. These classics never go out of style! They almost sound like the compulsory subjects at school; If you do not know these six types of cocktails, it seems as if you have never heard about cocktails at all. No worries though! If you are actually unfamiliar with the world of mixed drinks, prepare yourself for some pleasurable studies.

The classics are the Old Fashioned, Martini, Daiquiri, Sidecar, Whiskey Highball, and Flip. Quite like the art of perfumery- which I will talk about its similarity to mixology very soon in another article- there are three categories that each and every ingredient in the drinks will fall under: The core of your cocktail is the surface flavor; then you need a sweet or tart taste to enhance the flavor of the core and let’s call that the balance of your cocktail; for the third base you need seasoning, and that will either contrast the core, or improves it, or your cocktail will have a totally new horizon about it in the third base! Let’s briefly go over the ingredients in each of these 6 types of cocktails and leave the details for some other time:

Old Fashioned

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There are exactly three ingredients in an Old Fashioned: whiskey, sugar, and Angostura bitters.


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A traditional Martini has exactly two ingredients: gin and dry vermouth. Balancing the herbal spirit with your fortified wine, and then modifying it to your tastes. You can sip your cocktail dry or wet, and it all says about the amount of vermouth in your fancy glass.


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The three musketeers make up a precise Daiquiri and that includes rum, lime, and sugar. With only three ingredients in hand, the trick is in quality, and the ratio!


different kinds of cocktails

Brandy, lemon, and Triple sec can make your cocktail a Sidecar if they are shaken strongly enough with ice.

Whiskey Highball

famous italian cocktails

Generally formed from a mixture of whiskey and sparkling water, and served over ice, this cocktail is more about garnish and technique of your bartender rather than the receipt.


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Eggs fashion your Flip. If you are a true imbiber, you know how common adding eggs to alcohol used to be. So, respect the traditions and enjoy your rich and delicious egg whites added to gin, whiskey, or original rum. Garnish it as you please but nutmeg is a preference for your old and gold cocktail flip.

Some Popular and Modern Types of Cocktails on Universal Menus

The number of different types of alcoholic cocktails are sometimes uncountable. However, every now and then a new receipt goes beyond and above a specific bar and becomes a trend. According to the Drinks International, these days people choose signature drinks that are more fruity and more bright. Tropical cocktails still own the trophies, and imbibers love to go out and get extreme with their seasonings. Truth be told, Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, Mojito, and a long list of familiar names are always in season. However, Jungle Bird and Zombie along with El Diablo, and Cosmopolitan are all making names for themselves on the top 50 of the most loved cocktails. However, let's step down from our global vision to a more limited flavor. What cocktails do Italians prefer and mix?

Famous Italian Cocktails

Not only Italy has made its cuisine a favourite beloved, but it has also made quite a name for its bar of cocktails. It may surprise you to know that the item “Happy Hour” on many menus, is closely related to Italian cocktails. Aperitivo is an Italian word that defines both a cocktail and the Italian happy hour. The whole thought behind l’aperitivo is to wait while the main course, dinner, is getting ready to be served. In fact, you will have a variety of choices to drink from Italian mocktails while spending your happy hour.  

There is no need for introduction when we talk about Italian mocktails such as Spritz Veneziano, the celebrated Gin & It, and the classic Negroni which we already talked about. Although you might keep in mind that with Negroni, the variations, garnishes, and seasonings make an unlimited list of cocktails. Negroni Sbagliato, for instance, is a name well-known and well-respected all around the world as a classic Italian cocktail with a fresh look and taste. Seek out receipts or bartenders who value the bubbly sparkling wine over gin. It won’t disappoint.

Last only on this very limited list, but absolutely not the least, but to claim even the sexiest is the Bellini; this classy delightful Italian cocktail makes use of fresh peaches and champagne. I guess no one can say no to a romance over a glass of the romantic Bellini! Cin cin!


As Cool as a Cocktail

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

I guess life is not easy for everyone. Every now and then we want to forget how busy, sad, alone, or just tired we are. But more importantly, we want to have more fun, and that is possible without cocktails. We have all been to bars- I assume if you are reading this, you have been or fortunately you will- and we have all searched for the journey of flavours when it comes to alcohol and cocktails. Next time you are in Vancouver, search a little bit about the best taste of Italian cocktails you can get during your happy hours. Nicli Pizzeria offers a glamorous menu of all drinks and cocktails that take you to Rome and Venice with the very first sip. And Finally,

“Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won’t be invited to cocktail parties.” — Oscar Wilde