September 6, 2021

Best Healthy and Easy Salad Recipes

Tips on Making a Healthy Salad 

 by Ainaz 

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It’s general knowledge that if you eat healthy, you will feel healthy. There are multiple various types of salad out there and some of them are very nutritious and can be considered a complete meal for you. In this article, I tried to gather all the information you’ll need to know and a salad types list for your ease. If you are a vegetarian or simply a fan of big leafy dishes or you want to go on a diet,  you are on the right blog. Keep on reading to learn all about different kinds of salad and different types of salads to make.

Different Types of Salads Names

different types of salad

Let’s start with different types of salad names. You can sort salads into 3 main categories: 1. tossed 2. bound 3. Composed

Tossed Salads

different kinds of salad

Tossed salads are the typical kind of salad. You can make this type of salad by tossing dressings and different ingredients into your bowl and mix it evenly and voila you have your tossed salad. A wide range of the salads you have had your whole life were a kind of tossed salad.

Caesar salad: it’s a type of tossed salad. This salad’s origins go back to Mexico. It consists of romaine lettuce and pieces of rebaked seasoned bread and its dressings are parmesan cheese, Dijon mustard, anchovies, Worcestershire sauce and olives. You might have heard that Caesar salad is not healthy. Well to be honest the dressing of Caesar salad has a high calorie (a traditional Caesar salad has 470 calories) and is not recommended if you are on a diet.

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some tips on how to make a wholesome Caesar salad:

• don’t overcook your eggs. They need to be soft centered and should be creamy

• you want your croutons to be extra crispy so brush them with olive oil before baking

• remove the outer leaves of your lettuce in case they are bitter

• don’t forget to pay attention to the quality of your Italian parmesan

Greek salad: this salad is the most famous and popular Greek cuisine in the world as it is obvious from its name. A traditional Greek salad consists of cherry tomatoes, slices of cucumber, onion, olives and feta cheese. If you want a fresh taste you can add leaves of mint to your combination as well. You can dress your Greek salad with olive oil, salt and pepper. There’s 106 calories in a cup of Greek salad.

types of salads to make


• if you store Greek salad be aware that you should add the dressing the day you want to consume it. Don’t add the dressing in advance!

• Cut vegetables bite–size not too little and not too big

• Get the best quality virgin olive oil you can find

Caprese salad: there are different types of Italian salads but caprese salad is the most famous and delicious. This Italian cuisine is super easy to make. Its main ingredients are mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and olive oil. It is also famous for it represents the national flag of Italy. This dish is low in calories (216 calories) and it is a good choice if you are watching your diet.

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• you can serve crispy grilled bread with your salad

• pay attention to the quality of your tomatoes and virgin olive oil

• get fresh basil for a fresh taste

Bound salads

 They are assembled via thick sauces like mayonnaise.

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Chicken salad: the main ingredient of chicken salad is shredded chicken. It often includes other ingredients such as mayonnaise, eggs, celery and pickles. The amount of mayonnaise you use is an important factor whether chicken salad is a good meal for losing weight or not. If you use a little mayonnaise dressing, this salad can be very healthy and nutritious.

types of salad names


• for extra flavor you can grill your seasoned chicken

• for your dressing you can have a combination of Dijon, mayonnaise and lemon juice

Composed salad

Healthy salad recipe

The ingredients of this salad are arranged in comparison to tossed salad.

Cobb salad: this American salad is made from chopped green leaves (such as romaine lettuce and iceberg lettuce), tomatoes, bacon, fried chicken, avocados and blue cheese. Cobb salad has 623 calories and it is not recommended for strict diets and for losing weight but if you’re looking for a top notch delicious salad this salad is for you.

best healthy salad recipe


• crisp your bacons

• it is important for the ingredients to be bite-sized


To Salad it up

easy salad recipe

Now that you know different types of salads and salad types names, you can make these easy and simple recipes at home or if you have a hectic and tight schedule go to the closest and best restaurant or salad bar you know and order a new type of salad this time. Enjoy!