Live Music in North Vancouver

Doe Bender Jazz Trio

Nicli Pizzeria in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver
September 14th from 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Doe’s Jazz Trio’s focuses on songs of life, love, and romance!

Come Fly With Me, Sunny, Blue Skies, The Nearness of You, Sunday Kind of Love, Centre Piece, What is this thing called Love? Songs from the All American Song Book, Blues, Latin, Seasonal, and Pop.

The trio comprises of keyboard, with vocals or just instrumental, acoustic bass, and a third instrument either guitar, sax, drums, flute, violin, or trumpet depending on the situation.

Michael Averill Sept 21st Edgemont Village!

Nicli Pizzeria in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver
September 21st from 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Michael Averill is an adventurous Canadian troubadour who delivers stories and songs of serendipity around the country by foot. Through well walked Roots, Folk, and Blues, Michael captivates his audiences and invites them to connect deeper within themselves and their communities.

“Michael has a pied piper quality to him. He is a community builder, scene creator, and movement organizer. He is a teacher and inspirational leader that has the ability to gather the arts community around him, and take them in directions they might not achieve on their own.” – Chris Brandt, Executive Director of Music Heals

The Kelowna, BC native’s album project, “I’d Rather Walk,” inspired by his late singer/songwriting father, Garry Averill, has led to Michael literally strolling through Canada.  It is a tribute to his father (an avid walker), and an initiative to encourage conversation around the country regarding life, loss, and wellness.

Evan Kinsella

Nicli Pizzeria in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver
September 28th from 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Ev Kinsella is a soul-drenched roots singer-songwriter performing solo, and collaborating with musicians and producers coast to coast. Inspired by multiple genres and the healing power of music, travel, and unity his music is written from the heart aims to invoke positive minds.
Singing with a fire in his soul Ev Kinsella has performed tour dates on stages of all sizes across Canada and internationally in various clubs, breweries, cruise ships, and music festivals. With a high-energy performance, heart felt songwriting, and a dynamic collective of musicians behind him Ev Kinsella is capturing audiences everywhere he goes.
*West Coast Vibe* East Coast Flow*
“Follow your wild-heart with love and awareness”

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